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Supporting healthcare in Leadville, Colorado

Through service, outreach, and development, St. Vincent Hospital Foundation promotes and sustains the highest level of healthcare for Lake County and our community.


2020/2021 priorities

St. Vincent Hospital Foundation is currently raising funds for a new CT scanner and large surgical suite equipment for the NEW hospital which is currently under construction and to be completed in 2021.  This is a $22-24 million project that is primarily funded by a low-interest loan from the USDA.

The CT Scanner is approx. $400,000. and the surgical equipment is approximately $700,000.

A CT scanner is essential for the emergency room in Leadville, which is 35+ miles from the next-closest medical facility. The imaging can help doctors stabilize patients for treatment in Leadville or for transfer to a trauma center. It also prevents injured or ill patients from having to travel over a mountain pass for evaluation.

Lake County, a 400 square mile area in central Colorado, currently does not have surgical services for its residents and visitors when they are in need.

Inpatient care and surgical services are two of the main economic drivers behind a hospital’s financial stability. SVH has successfully increased daily inpatients.  The next step toward sustainability is to re-open surgical services.

In regard to re-opening surgical services in Lake County, the new hospital will offer outpatient and inpatient procedures including but not limited to endoscopy, colonoscopy, general surgery, pain management, and eventually other specialties such as orthopedic surgeries.

Capital Campaign: please contact Karen Onderdonk to learn more or participate in the foundation’s capital campaign.

St. Vincent Hospital Capital Campaign

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Why Give?

Your generosity supports sustainable healthcare in rural Lake County, Colorado. It allows us to continue making progress towards a better tomorrow—and provides equipment and service that may one day help you, your family, and your friends and neighbors.

Your donation combines with grant funds to enable us to improve our facility and patient care. 


We wish to thank our funders: the Griswold Charitable Trust, El Pomar, Caring for Colorado, USDA Rural Facilities, Freeport McMoRan Foundation, DOLA Energy Impact Assistance Fund, and CDPHE EMTS Provider Grant funds.   We are also grateful to St. Vincent Hospital staff who donate to our team pledge fund, the hospital board of directors, and our many other private donors.                                                                                       

As a 501(c)(3) organization, we take pride in our mission of fundraising and strive to carry on our hospital’s history of caring since 1879.


Central Colorado Enterprise Zone tax credit

St. Vincent Hospital Foundation is a Central Colorado Enterprise Zone tax credit for contribution eligible project. This means that cash donations (that are $250 or greater) paid to the SVH Foundation are eligible for a state tax credit of 25% (12.5% for in-kind donations).

St. Vincent Hospital Foundation Board of Directors






Bob Smith, Chairman





Marlene Eisenring, Vice-Chair

Eileen Johnson, Member at large


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Jamie Spakow, Member at large


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Judy Allen, Member at large


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Linda Campbell, Member at large


Karen Onderdonk

St. Vincent Hospital Foundation Director