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Looking toward the future, St. Vincent General Hospital District has embraced the concept of a health campus where specialists, primary care, Lake County Public Health Agency, and other health-related offices reside in the old hospital building and synergistically complement services in the adjacent, new hospital facility.

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Hospice Services

Coming in 2022 to St. Vincent Health

Hospice is care for people who have received a life-limiting diagnosis, with an emphasis on symptom control and comfort. The patient’s plan of care is personalized, always with the ultimate goal for as much comfort as possible, at home with loved ones, with a focus on quality of life.

Care is overseen by a team of trained professionals — a medical director, nurses, spiritual and bereavement counselors and therapists

Hospice care is covered by Medicare and most commercial insurance. Depending on the terminal illness and/or related conditions, the plan of care a hospice team creates can include any or all of these services:

In addition to care in the home, St. Vincent Health has a specially designed room equipped for the comfort of the hospice patient and their family.

The Hospice Room:

  • Provides the patent and family with a home-like environment during the hospital stay. Special accommodations are made for the comfort of the family.
  • Hospice staff continue to visit the patient and work together with the hospital staff to maintain continuity in the plan of care. Hospital staff provide the direct care for the patient.
  • Use of the Hospice Room is subject to the availability of the room at the time of admission. Medicare and Medicaid benefits provide for in-patient stays under certain conditions, and some commercial insurances may provide benefits, though deductibles and co-insurance may be owed. All financial responsibilities are discussed on admission, and before any final arrangements are made with the hospital.

The Hospice Room may be used for:

  • Acute care

For symptom management requiring ongoing assessment and frequent adjustments in the plan of care, or for treatment of symptoms not responding to interventions in the home care setting.

  • Respite care

To provide relief for the caregiver by providing care for the patient in an inpatient setting. Respite care is for short-term care only, usually five days or less.

  • Final care

To provide final care for patients who are unable to remain at home during the last days of life.


Other special circumstances for use of the Hospice Room are considered on an individual basis.  To learn more about Hospice services at St. Vincent Health contact Dennis McWhorter, MHA at 719-486-7152.

Dennis McWhorter, MHA at 719-486-0230

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